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October 28, 2019 Understanding Self Storage

Do overnight guests give you crazy anxiety? Are you a perfectionist who never seems to be able to create the “perfect” guest experience? Do you always forget something? Greeting guests at the front door and realizing that you have to excuse yourself to empty drawers and make closet space in the guest room is akin to having an anxiety attack on the highway in the middle of a three-hour traffic jam. 

The holidays are approaching quickly. Halloween is almost here, which is your signal that Thanksgiving and Christmas are quietly lurking in the back hallway. If you’re expecting overnight guests for the holidays, you need to get ready now – not while they’re pulling into the driveway.

Read on for solutions to make your holiday guests feel like kings and queens (and don’t forget the little princes and princesses).

Make your guests contented and comfortable. 

General Tips

Clean the House

This is a no-brainer and your motivation to get rid of the clutter.  Maybe it’s time to think about getting a self-storage unit if you don’t already have one. It’s a place for extra clutter and even extra furniture if the guest room is overcrowded. You and your guests will have a much more enjoyable experience in a tidy house. For more information read What No One Tells You About Clutter

Be Ready with Snacks and Drinks

Stock the fridge and pantry with snacks and drinks that you know your guests will enjoy. Don’t forget the littles; have plenty of juice boxes, fruit, and crackers.

Plan in Advance for Entertainment

You know your guests (I hope), so you’ll be aware of the activities they’ll enjoy. There are plenty of holiday events at this time of year. Shopping trips, craft fairs, tree lightings, concerts, and local cuisine are all at the top of the list. This doesn’t mean you have to pack every day with endless adventures, but it helps to have some back-up plans. You can always just hang out and watch Christmas Vacation.

Remember the Kids

If there are children in the mix, remember to accommodate their needs. Baby proof where necessary. Parents should be able to relax and not spend their entire time reprimanding a child for touching valuable pieces or sticking their little fingers into light sockets. Make sure that you have a few board games and simple (not messy) crafts for elementary-aged kids. They will undoubtedly bring their own technology.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Drawer & Closet Space

Remember to clean out several dresser drawers for guests to use and provide a luggage rack for their suitcases. And don’t forget to make room in the closet and add extra hangers.

Clean Linens

It goes without saying that the beds will be made with clean sheets, blankets, and cozy comforters. Be sure to have extras so that everyone is comfortable. Buy fluffy new towels for the guest bathroom, and have plenty of extras in a cute basket. Provide another basket for dirty towels so that you can throw them in the wash every day. Don’t forget extra toiletries in case one of your guests is forgetful: soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. 

Extra Touches

Provide a pretty tray with bottled water, granola bars, and fruit, and a vase of fresh flowers or live plants are always nice additions. Lay some books and magazines on the night table, and don’t forget about technology. Leave a note card with your Wi-Fi password and TV remote instructions in a convenient spot in the guest room.


It looks like you’re ready. Bring on the company, but don’t waste a lot of time worrying about the “perfect experience.” Being together is the perfect experience. Use the time to have fun and make memories! Take tons of pictures and share special moments. Happy Holidays!  


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